All homes are different, this is a partial list of our services:

  • Check front of property for papers and items left at residence
  • Visual check of landscaping to see that plants are healthy and are being maintained
  • Visual check of exterior of building walking entire perimeter checking windows, doors and sides of building for any potential problems.
  • Check for signs of pest and insect infestation around the exterior of home


  •  Visual check of pool and spa
  •  Walk interior perimeter and check for irregularities
  • Check for signs of pest and insect infestation on the interior of home
  • Cycle water in all sinks, bathtubs and showers to keep drain traps from drying out and prevent sewer gases from entering your home
  • Check under all sinks for leaks
  • Flush and brush all toilets to limit hard water ring
  • Check air conditioning/heating for proper operation


  • Cycle water through refrigerator drinking water line (if applicable)
  • Run garbage disposal to lubricate and maintain appliance
  • Check ceilings and skylights for any signs of roof leaks
  • Check laundry room for leaks
  • Run washing machine through rinse cycle once a month to prevent sewer gases from entering home 
  • Check hot water heater for any signs of leaks


Services are customizable based on client needs and requests.